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Ryerson Lake Improvement Board

Don Clark, Chair

Sherman Township Representative

John Duba

Ryerson Lake Property Owner

Ken Smalligan

Sherman Township Supervisor

Jim Maike
Newaygo County Commissioner

Dale Twing
Newaygo County Drain Commissioner

The following budget was approved at a public hearing held on April 18, 2023 at the Sherman Township Hall. The public hearings were held to renew the special assessment district around Ryerson Lake which funds the lake improvement project. Lakefront, backlot, commercial and Camp Echo properties are assessed according to the notice found here that was mailed prior to the hearing.

Ryerson Lake Improvement Program Budget


Improvement                                                            Annual Cost

Aquatic Plant Control

Lake Management Consulting

Water Quality Monitoring


Watershed Management Coordination

Watershed Management and Improvements

Project Administration and Contingency










*Watershed Management and Improvements will be paid for using existing surplus funds up to approximately $20,000.

The Ryerson Lake Improvement Board was established under Part 309 (Inland Lake Improvements) of Michigan's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. In accordance with the act, a lakefront property owner, a representative from each local unit of government abutting the lake, the county water resources commissioner (or designee), and a county commissioner sit on the board.

In 2023, the Ryerson Lake Improvement Board held a public hearing on a five-year improvement program for Ryerson Lake. The program will focus on the control of nuisance aquatic plant growth, water quality monitoring, and watershed improvements. These activities are coordinated under the direction of the lake board's environmental consultant, Progressive AE.

The Ryerson Lake Improvement Board is separate from the Ryerson Lake Association. Click here to visit their website.

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The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 11, 2024 at 10:00 am at the Newaygo County Drain Commission Office - 306 S North Street, PO Box 885
White Cloud, MI 49349

2024 Meeting Dates:

January 11

April 11

July 11

September 12

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